What Happened To Zoran Tosic At Manchester United?

Manchester United have, in the last few years, been known to be big spenders in the transfer window but have had a lot of big signings underperformed for the club in most cases. Big-name players would often arrive at Old Trafford to the excitement of fans and supporters only for them to prove to be big-for-nothing acquisitions in the end. This is one of the plethora of areas that have caused United to receive some backlashes and criticism over the years.

It is also one of the reasons (according to many) that they have not bounced back to the pinnacle of English Football in the last few years since the departure of the great Sir Alex Ferguson. Although the Scot enjoyed rich success when he was manager of the club, he was also a culprit of some failed transfer stories when he was in charge. A glaring example of this is the transfer of a certain Zoran Tosic.

Tosic was signed by Sir Alex and of course, there was so much hype around him as he was regarded as one of the next big things to be unveiled at the Theater of Dreams. He joined for a significant transfer fee back then but was not able to justify his purchase amount and failed to live up to expectations and the loud hype that surrounded him.

Having joined from Serbian outfit Partizan Belgrade after impressing the United scout following his two-year loan spell at the club between 2007-2009, he was a star. He would then go on to make his debut for his country in 2007 and was still under the spotlight as well. He was of course linked to top European clubs but only chose to join United as they were a force to reckon with back then.

However, by 2010, he was no longer at the club. He then moved to Russia, back to Serbia, and to China after leaving United but was unable to revive his career.

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